Whatever they say, never stop loving yourself.

Every day, millions of women are victims of age-shaming and cyberbullying on social media because of how they look.
When a woman decides to undergo an aesthetic treatment, she is often targeted for not being natural, while if she decides not to, she is criticized for her wrinkles.
It’s time to take a stand for women’s freedom to choose how they want to look and to embrace the ageing process.
That’s why we created “Fragments of Beauty”.

After conducting social listening across 12 countries, we built a glass wall revealing hurtful, age-shaming comments, including those towards an older model.
Using this glass wall as a canvas, Swiss artist Simon Berger smashed these painful words of hatred to create a beautiful, proud portrait.
The “Fragments of Beauty” art piece is a medium to convey self-esteem, respect, and inclusion to all.

“Fragments of Beauty” is a project developed by RELIFE (Menarini Group)
an aesthetic medicine company, focused on helping people achieve complete
well-being with a revolutionary approach to aesthetics and anti-aging.

“Fragments of Beauty” is supporting the non-profit #StopAgeAnxiety movement

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Copyright Alexandre Freret Photography


Contemporary glass artist Simon Berger explores the depth of the glass that he pounds or cracks with a hammer.
The window becomes the support of an expansion done by impacts playing with transparency. In his hands, the hammer is not a tool of destruction, but rather an amplifier of effects.

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